Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hey Friends!
So, I am editing some stuff on my individual blog and I came up with this picture. It kinda makes me happy. Because I edited the whole thing, including writing the copy :)  I got a letter from Kevin (Elder Rothert) today. He seems to be having fun and doing well. Leave me a comment if you want to write or wish him happy birthday!
P.s. I thought this was funny.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Now Playing at a Utah Near You

So... this might be cheating a little bit, but today I'm going to drive by the MTC and be the crazy sister checking out every single missionaries face as I sit with my camera posed to take a picture, in case one of them is actually him.. Stalker, I know, but stalking is fun right, plus I've never done it in my life, so might as well get it out of my system on someone with whom it isn't completely creepy. So, I just took a huge break from this blog to write a frustration blog on my other blog, I feel slightly bad, but if I didn't get that stuff out somehow, it might turn into an ugly roommate confrontation, which I have done one too many times to either enjoy or benefit from. I have learned that it never works to confront a roommate, such as the one I currently occupy my apartment with.

The name of the post, does have a legit meaning though, no worries. I was going to tell you about the playing/fun stuff I have been doing. It is absolutely beautiful here this week. The temperature has been perfect,  for the most part, minus the few little, rain showers here and there.  The trees, fall colors, and mountains are also extra beautiful this week. I don't know if I am just more observant, because I have decided to take a step back and recognize the things that make this life great, or if they are just extra beautiful.

Actually, lets back up a little bit. Last week, Brent, Eric and I drove the Alpine Loop in the first snow, and Eric saw his first Utah moose. He was so excited and Brent and I finally have proof that there really are Moose in Utah! No one believed us, but now we have a picture.  The canyon was fantastic, the colors were spectacular and we had a lot of fun. We also found a little area called Cascade Springs hidden in the mountains. It is an area about a mile long with little cascading waterfalls with paths winding through them. Then later last week, Brent and I went on a double date with Angela and Daniel up the ski lift at the Sundance   ski resort. While we were on the ski lift, and at Cascade Springs in the canyon, I got two of my favorite pictures of Brent and myself. The first is from Cascade Springs and the second is on the ski lift.

Fast forward again to this week. Monday night, Josh, Angela, Eric, Kymberlee, (Ali's Cousin, that was slightly awkward) and then me and Brent, went to Cornbelly's Corn Maze in Alpine, Utah. About halfway through the maze, my tummy started killing me so Brent and I once again cheated our way out of the maze. Don't worry though, before we leave Utah we will make it through the legit way. By the time we made it out of the maze I realized that it was only because I took aspirin right before without eating. :( Boo. It was fun though, I got a picture of myself in Cinderella's carriage though which of course made it all worth it. Plus, I got to be a big horn sheep, even though Brent insists it was a billy goat, and I get to sit in a giant rocking chair, that fits about ... 8 people...ish.. Tuesday night, as everyone is already aware, Kevin flew in to prepare to leave for his mission on Wednesday morning/afternoon. I threw a surprise party for Kevin at Kiwanis park that night in which we roasted hot dogs and s'mores over a fire. There were about 20 people there, as demonstrated in the previous posts.  He seemed to have fun.  Wednesday, Casey, Kevin's roommate, went with us to run errands for Kevin and his mission.  Brent, Kevin, Casey and I all went to lunch at Chili's after that, went and took group and individual pictures at the temple, MTC and Rock Canyon, and then went and dropped him off at the MTC. I only shed a few tears, until later that day of course. :)

I feel like I'm rambling again, and I'm about out of things for this week. It has been a fun week, minus the roommate issues, and Kevin leaving. I also just want to say, we are praying for a family friend the Brown family. If anyone knows Michelle, Angela and Jessica Brown from Olney, IL and haven't heard, Jessica was killed in a car accident early this morning.  Our family is keeping them in our prayers, as well as Marisa Aguirre who is close to our family, and one of Jessica's best friends. We love you both, and wish the best for you and your family. God be with you till we meet again Jessica.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

El MTC!!!!

Elder Kevin Andrew Rothert reported to the MTC 50 minutes ago, and is now officially a missionary for La Iglesia de Jesu Cristo de los Ultimos Dias. Other than the accents, I better get props for that,
I wrote it all by myself. Anyways, I only cried a little, I am sure there are more tears to come in the future though. He looked very spiffy and he was definitely ready to go when the time came. We all wish him luck and send him with lots of love. He commanded Brent to take care of me, which was also very cute :) Watch for updates about his mission on and for those of you with facebook, I will try to keep his pictures and goings on up-to-date! If you want to send or receive a letter from him, let us know, and we will try to get the word to him, but you know how busy he will be, so don't be too harsh if it takes him a little bit to reply. Here are some pictures from the day :) For more funny pictures go to his facebook, where I will be keeping them updated while he is gone, and please don't be too evil to me, I have to go through his application/event invitations. He will be back in October of 2011, so none of that until he gets back!! Thanks!

This is It

Today is going to be quite an emotional day. Today at 1:15 my favorite, and only brother leaves for the MTC and I have the nearly impossible task of dropping him off. It will be hard, but thats ok, life is hard right? I threw him a "surprise" not so surprise goodbye party last night, so that all of those Utah people who said, I can't come, I'm in Utah to his Indiana farewell would have no excuses... but... everyone has swine flu, so, they do have excuses. Oh well, what can you do, anyways, for mom and dad's sake, because I'm not smart enough this morning to figure out how to share a photo album from facebook with the rest of the world, even though I know there is a way... I am posting some pictures from last night's wild and crazy party (just kidding!) on here. And I will probably post again today with pictures from him outside the MTC with me crying helplessly, etc... SO look out for that. Go Elder Rothert, you'll do great!