Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Keyboard is Mightier than My Public Speaking

All right. So This post is about a couple of things I have written in the past week. First of all, I am going home in a week and because I am going on a mission once I get there (and once I get my call) I was asked to bear my testimony at church in in Provo. Since I knew about it ahead of time I wrote it out. Now, you understand the title of this post. I posted it on my other blog Also, I have finished the book I have been writing: The Key to Perfection. I guess, finished isn't the right word, it still has a lot of work but I have written it from chapter 1 to the end so I'm going to say that I finished it. This is my fourth book now, though I haven't tried to publish them so it's a bit note worthy, I hope that after my mission, this story might be the first one I publish. Cross my fingers on that one. Any way, I posted an excerpt from chapter one on the same blog.

Something else I have been doing is trying to fit in as many visits to the temple as possible before I go home since I have better access to temples here in Provo. I also realized I had taken no pictures of the Provo temple, here are a few:

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Day Off!

Temple Square Fun. Enough said.