Friday, April 02, 2010

Tips, Tricks and How-Tos: My Work Blog

So, for one of my current jobs, I post to a financial services website.  I have included a link to it on the side in the links tab. It is actually pretty useful. I post everyday and I actually use three different Aliases, which I can't really tell you, but one of them is pretty obvious, you should check it out and see if you can figure out my other two.  I will give you a little hint though, I write about everything from financial advice, to taxes to how-tos on just about anything and everything that could save you some money, so if you have any advice, or ideas you would like to see written about, let me know, I have to come up with topics everyday.  Here is another link to it, you should go check it out, if you are ever bored or need some financial advice. My latest blogs are about Taxes Under the New Health Care Act, as well as Money Transfer laws, not too exciting I know, more should be posted today, although I couldn't tell you which ones they will post, hopefully some Easter tips, or those won't get put up before Easter. Sometimes work doesn't post them exactly when I write them, so if I ever tell you that there are new posts in the que, they might not actually be posted right away, but keep checking, they have been doing better about at least getting them up eventually.

P.s. Here are two more pages for Kevin's Scrapbook  :)