Friday, August 29, 2008


Well, I'm at BYU! I didn't know if that would ever come or not. And sometimes I wondered if I wanted it or not. But I'm here! I love it! It's so cool to see mountains everywhere you go! Also, this week was New Student Orientation (NSO). It has been a blast. I've met some awesome people. I don't know most of their names but hopefully I will soon. Tomorrow is the last night of NSO and I'm really bumbed but it's going to be amazing because it's a dance! My group was Purple 7. We wrote songs, made signs and all of it was just because we wanted to! NSO didn't have groups make cheers or anything. The most amazing part is how well we bonded. I think that with the right people and the right situations (and the right games) can bring people together in such an amazing way. I am very glad that the Lord was kind enough to give me another perfect group of people here at NSO. Classes start next week (eek) and I'm way excited, and also not at the same time......I just wrote "way excited" I think that's a Utah thing....oh no. Anyway. I'm in a really good mood and I love it here but I miss all of you back home too.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

California Trip

I went to California in July to visit Brent and hang out and see the sites. I guess I got lucky cause it wasn't smoky really at all, and it was overall pretty good weather. We went to San Francisco a few times as well as Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. I got to add two temples to my checkoff list, Oakland and Sacramento. Also, Kevin and I are leaving this Thursday to head out to Utah for school. We are excited but, ready to go. :) Here are some pictures of my trip. We will have to teach mom and dad how to use this site so they can keep it updated while we are gone. p.s. Kevin now has the cell phone since he will be out at school, so if you try to call my parents on it, you will probably get Kevin :)