Sunday, November 07, 2010

Wedding Udpates, Garduation and the Weenies of Hallow

So, I haven't updated here for a while and since I have a horrible time typing things right the first time, I just left the title spelled how it ended up and gave it a little twist. So, since we have last visited with each other, I have married off two of my best friends ever, gotten a hair cut that I LOVE, spent countless hours working at a call center, as well as on my final school project for Haagen-Dazs, made large helpings of food for the entire ward, more than once, volunteered at a Haunted House, had more than one Halloween costume, made new friends, smiled more than I ever thought possible and grown to remember why I love to serve and been to both Nauvoo and HAWAII!!! Ooh, and P.s. Kevin hit his year mark a few weeks ago, less than a year till I get to see my brother! Not that I'm not very excited for him to be on his mission... :) But, after all, he is my favorite brother!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Happy Friendship Day

August 1 is Friendship Day!
"The only way to have a friend is to be one."- Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Everybody Ought To Have a Body

Videos that my family made, yay! Mostly for Kevin.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Tribute to Dad

Happy Father's Day and Birthday! See you in a few weeks!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Balanced Inside

Hey family and friends! I am going to try a detox diet again, because I am SICK of feeling SICK! Yucky.. plus my hair is so thin you can see my head in many spots. I have started a blog about lupus and recipes and remedies that I have found help me feel better.  Check out the link at the top.
Did you Know that MAY is Lupus Awareness Month? I'm a little slow on that one, but I got it up!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Tips, Tricks and How-Tos: My Work Blog

So, for one of my current jobs, I post to a financial services website.  I have included a link to it on the side in the links tab. It is actually pretty useful. I post everyday and I actually use three different Aliases, which I can't really tell you, but one of them is pretty obvious, you should check it out and see if you can figure out my other two.  I will give you a little hint though, I write about everything from financial advice, to taxes to how-tos on just about anything and everything that could save you some money, so if you have any advice, or ideas you would like to see written about, let me know, I have to come up with topics everyday.  Here is another link to it, you should go check it out, if you are ever bored or need some financial advice. My latest blogs are about Taxes Under the New Health Care Act, as well as Money Transfer laws, not too exciting I know, more should be posted today, although I couldn't tell you which ones they will post, hopefully some Easter tips, or those won't get put up before Easter. Sometimes work doesn't post them exactly when I write them, so if I ever tell you that there are new posts in the que, they might not actually be posted right away, but keep checking, they have been doing better about at least getting them up eventually.

P.s. Here are two more pages for Kevin's Scrapbook  :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Few More Pages

Once again, procrastination of homework and work.. but unfortunately this finishes up the last of the pictures I currently have from him... unless I roll back a little more to get the stuff from before he left with his friends in it.  Anyways, here are the latest.. and I promise I still do homework and work.. In fact I'm doing very well in both at the present time :)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Kevin's Missionary Memories

So, because I'm such a good sister, and LOVE to procrastinate my actual homework. I have been working on a missionary journal for Kevin for a present for him when he gets home.  I will leave a page in between each section in which he can add his own memories, etc. but here is page number one. I figured this will make up for the lack of letters, cause I stink at sending letters, and he can add letters people send him in between the otherpages as well. It can also make up for not knowing what to get him for Christmas or birthday gifts... :( Sorry little bro. Without further ado, here it is. You can click on it to see a full version.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Girls Day Out (Plus Seth!)

Seth came to lunch with a bunch of girls yesterday haha! Just kidding. Katheryn, Kayla and I and our mothers went to lunch together yesterday at Denny's.  We met after mom and I got massages from Colleen Eakins at her massage center. Afterwards we went to Penny's and bought me like $200 worth of clothes, it was fantastic.  After that, we rented some movies then came back and bought me a mattress. It was a good day for me yesterday all in all. And I got to see and hang out with Avi! I can't say her name right, but that is ok... I guess... they did it to her not me. Here are some pictures from lunch. The baby loved me, and Kayla made her drool, and the lady took super blurry pictures.. but what can you do? I'm not sure you can do anything so.. too bad, poor Seth, he loved it don't let him lie to you. :) I am planning on surprising mom with another massage on her birthday, we both had two free massage gift certificates, its fantastic. Thanks Dad! Woo hoo, ooh I thought UPS was here, but no luck, just parents...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kevin's Mission Pics!

YaKevin sent us a few pictures today because he had no time to write emails to us :( and kind of because I yelled at him for not sending us any yet. So there Kevin! He sent us this one, obviously from when he was still in the MTC in Provo. The building behind him is the Provo temple which is directly across the street from where he was living for 2 months learning Spanish and about the gospel.

This is his roommate/companion who he live lived with in the MTC. He said he is in Tahoe right now speaking Spanish as well. He is the only one in his MTC group who went to the same mission as him. The other guys all went to Fresno. You will see a few of them in later pictures from today. This is Elder Askham from I think he said somewhere in Washington State, it seems relatively close to where they are now, but I could definitely be wrong about the location. Usually they send west coast boys to the east coast. I'm not sure if that is correct. I will be posting these pictures on Facebook as well right now. Hopefully it will let me post the other pictures on here without having to log out... it might not, it's "waiting" right now. We'll see how it goes. These are Kevin's friends from MTC. They were in a district together which means they were in the same hallway, went to church together and were basically best friends.  This is Elder Glowa who we have heard all the crazy stories about obviously. I'm guessing that is his roommate/companion in the background because I can't read his name tag so I'm not for sure.  Elder Glowa is the one he created grief with at the MTC.

This is his first baptism! Yeah he already had  first baptism.  Actually it was the Saturday before last. Crazy huh, it is obviously just the little girl. She is ten, and her Grandpa baptized her. Kevin sprained his ankle running to the car to get a video they were going to show at her baptism. I'm not sure if she speaks English or Spanish, I guess we'll find that out later.  I don't know if we ever told you this, but he actually goes to four hours of church meetings on Sundays. He goes to an English sacrament, a Spanish Sunday school, combined English RS and Priesthood, then a Spanish sacrament meeting. He says there are only a few families in the Spanish ward though.. its sad.  His companion Elder Mendoza is in probably his last area he said, and he is from Mexico City, Mexico, so he is a native Spanish speaker. Kevin says they poke fun at each other a lot,  and call each other nerds.. so it looks like they are having fun as well.  You know how Kevin is, almost impossible to get along with, but almost impossible not to get along with at the same time. He gets under your skin then makes you laugh about it. Elder M seems to be handling it well. Kevin says that no one can pronounce his last name though, so they say it ... Elder Robert... not much different than how most people pronounce it now if you ask me. But, that's ok. We love him. Hopefully he has time to email later today, but for now, this is his update!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Crazy Month

This past month has been a little crazy around here. I came home on the 15th because I wasn't feeling well, and I'm still home recovering from the Lupus and other things trying to eat away at my body. Sounds gross I know.  We have had a few adventures though. Hannah, Scott and their daughter Eliza came to visit me one day when I was sick, it was nice to have company and really nice of them to think of me, after (what I understand to be) a VERY long day in the car.  Also, I got to meet Katheryn's baby Avi at church for the first time.  She is such a sweetheart, hopefully we will be able to spend more time together before I head back to Utah. I will be home until the 8th, and I have a doctors apt right when I get back.  I was talking to my cousin Jana today about how I had three weddings to attend this summer which could be fun, but could also be a little hectic, especially since 2 of them are within about 5 days from each other. This summer is also my five year high school reunion. That should also be interesting. It is only a week before Megan's wedding so I might be able to do both and maybe even have a tiny baby vacation as well. Although it seems as though these few weeks I'm home might have to count as my vacation so that I can graduate in August. It is a sad day for all :( Because of the condition of my Lupus and the fact that I didn't get to see my high school friends yet, I don't have many pictures from Christmas however, maybe I should take some pictures of Mom and Dad before I leave, I will have to work on that. Here are a few from when Eliza, Scott and Hannah came to visit. We visited for a few hours, and I almost got her to say Grover, which would have been a fantastic first word if you ask me :) Maybe not so much if you ask mom and dad though. Anyways, this is probably slightly boring to most of you. So, here are the pictures.... Oh yeah, we got to talk to Kevin for a while on Christmas day as well, and got to visit with Mom's family on the Sunday before Christmas, I sat and talked with Leah almost the whole time. I can't believe how much she has grown up, its amazing.  She is eight years old now, I wish I had gotten a picture of me and her, but I was just too sick the day we went. It really is sad.  My friend and I are planning a get together next week sometime hopefully if some of them can make it since I didn't get to see any of them during actual break. Ok, here are the pictures. In the first, we were trying to get a family picture, and the cuckoo clock went off.. we lost her. The second one is the final product she is waving and everything. In the last one, I gave Eliza my phone and she figured out how to unlock it within ooh 20 seconds.