Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zion NP

For Memorial Day, some friends and I went to Zion for the weekend. Most of it is posted in pictures on ... http://heidisscrapbook.shutterfly.com Here are a few teasers of the trip. We did a few hikes, until my knee gave out the first day, and then the second day, everyone but Brent and I went on some crazy canyon hikes, and Brent and I did a few smaller hikes because my knee was bad, and his ankle kept messing up. :) It was fun!

Day At the Farm

The weekend started on Friday evening with two graduations at Jasper High School. We did some party hopping, too. First we went to the graduation party of Mark Miller, one of Kevin's friends from church. We then went to the graduation party of Joe Luegers. Joe is the son of Jeff's cousin. It was an enjoyable evening except for our flat tire problem. Jeff's Sister Jane was at the party for Joe and came home with us to spend the night. She was here until 10:30 Saturday morning. When she left Jeff and Jo went to the family farm in Holland, Indiana for a day of work. While at the farm Jeff cut the weeds between the trees that he and Kevin planted three years ago. Jo pulled some weeds around the trees. Jeff's knees got really sunburned. I have included some pictures of the trees and of Jeff cutting down the weeds.

The picture of the apron is a gift to Jo from the Primary for her many years of service in the Primary. It is really cool.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New York Weekend

This picture is Heidi and Kevin with cousins Jana and Bradly

Jeff and I met Heidi and Kevin in the Syracuse airport on Friday April 24. We spent the night in a motel there and visited with family. On Saturday April 25, We attended the wedding of Jeff's Nephew, Brad. The wedding went well and we had fun at the reception. The family was all together and it was good to see everyone again. Grandmother enjoyed her time with Heidi and Kevin. They played games together. Grandmother was looking forward to playing with them since they did that when we visited her in Evansville.

On the following day we went Palmyra, New York to visit some of the church's historical sites there. We went to the Hill Cumorah, The Sacred Grove and the Smith Family Farm and the Palmyra Temple. We got to see some of the beautiful stained glass windows of the temple. We had to take Heidi and Kevin the airport on Monday to catch their flight back to Salt Lake City. We had a good weekend together.

#2 the Sacred Grove
#3 the family
#4 Jo on the Hill Cumorah.