Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring Break!!

So we don't have spring break here at the great ole' BYU but... my family is coming to visit me for their spring break this week. They will be here like Monday or Tuesday. Crazy! We have like less than a month left of school too... that's also pretty crazy. Angela and I are living together next year, Jessica is getting married... maybe, and Kimberlee is studying abroad in Vienna for the first semester and who knows what the second semester. I screwed up my knee again this week and was on crutches for a few days but now I just have to wear a brace which is not any fun either. Oh well, hopefully it will get better soon. Anyways, everyone should check out my other "political" blog I am doing for a chance at a scholarship. It's kinda way out of my normal box but... I'm trying it out. I get points for people viewing it. It is You don't have to agree with me...but it would be cool if you checked it out.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hawaiian Luau

Our ward had a Luau on Friday night. There was a limbo and hula hoop contest. Afterwards a bunch of us played capture the flag and cops and robbers. Saturday we went to the BYU vs. Utah basketball game. We won by like 25 points. It was nice, but kinda boring. It was the last home game. We are the conference champions. Today was our break the fast dinner as well as a CES fireside.