Friday, January 30, 2009

Snowed In

For those of you in Snow country this may not seem like a lot of snow, but for those of us in Southern Indiana it is. Mother Nature generously left her mark here and in many other place this week. Most places have it worse than we do.

The snow is beautiful. It is on the trees, too. The pine trees are pretty droopy but very pretty. It has kept Jeff very busy at work breaking two inches of ice off of the carrier vans, shoveling snow and spreading salt on the sidewalks and parking lots. Jo has been at home all week with occasional trips outdoors to enjoy the beauty of it all and do a little snow cleaning around here.

The flowers are for Jo's birthday. Aren't they pretty? Thanks, Heidi.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Day With Mr. Blue

Hopefully this works, I've had some problems uploading it, but we'll see.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Key to Perfection

The Key to Perfection has been a work in progress for about a year now. It's a book I have been working on. Up until quite recently I have been working on ideas and on a solid detailed outline of sorts. Now, I have written the first chapter and have posted it on the new blog I created. As I write I will post the new chapters. Here is a preview:

“What did Will do? He seems like he’s too lost in his Calculus book to cross Jess,” Anna asked.

Both Jake and Cam grinned at her question. Jake was the one who spoke first, “This is a good story.”

“Her parents tried to convince the school board that the teachers were simply giving Will his straight A’s because he’s a really good athlete and that in reality Jess should be Valedictorian. The school board told them that no such thing was going on. So then her parents had the gall to accuse the school board its self of favoring athletics over the music program. Most of the school board members played instruments in high school too.”

Anna was surprised that anyone’s parents could be so protective of their child. She was really getting into the story. “So, what did the school board do?”

Jake cut in, “They should have put a restraining order on them.”

“They pulled up Will’s record of accomplishments and told them that Will was basically perfect.” Cam’s enjoyment in telling the story seemed to disappear at this new development.

Jake’s happy demeanor also fell, “Will had a B in Calculus and won’t quit studying now. He’s under a lot of pressure.”

It was hard for Anna to concentrate in class after Cam and Jake’s story. Even as she sat at her desk in her Chemistry class she could not stop thinking about what Jess’s parents had done and how it had put more pressure on Will. It wouldn’t have bothered her so much if she had had anything else to think about. Her Chemistry class in Denver was about a week ahead of her new class and so she kept thinking about it. Also, Jess sitting directly in front of her in chemistry made it even harder to think about any thing else. He found herself staring at the back of Jess’s head too often.