Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh What Do You Do In The Summer Time.

Hey, everyone, Kevin here. I thought it was about time to give a summer update. Here are some of the events that have taken place but not all...I have been lacking on my picture taking. Also I put an update on my mission plans and explained some of what has been going on concerning those plans on a facebook "note" and on my blog "What I Exhale."

Here is a link to my blog. Here is a link to the facebook note.

Now, on to my summer!This was taken at a ward activity. It was night in the movies. I was Ron Stoppable from the Kim Possible Movie. I'm next to "the Rrunnaway Bride" My room mate Trevor and his girlfriend Sarah went as Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. They are both really cool. The ninja is my room mate AJ. Hermiony Granger all the way on the left is Anna Nichols, she also a really good friend of mine. (We are Harry Potter and Kelly Clarckson buddies.) Above is a picture of me, my old room mate Casey Stoddard, and our good friend Jen Palladino (who just recently got engaged). We are at a wedding reception of our friends Vashti and Steve Porter. Jen was there all the way from CT!

Now, this is an awesome group. These are the cholas! On the top is Kelsey Mortensen on the left and Lauren Hungate on the right. On the bottom row (left to right) is Kaitlyn Mortensen, Natasha Singh, and Nikki LeFever (who is leaving for her mission on Wed! (the 15th). We are all really excited that she is going to Poland) This picture was taken at a Kelly Clarckson concert. Anna Nichols (Hermione in the earlier picture) and Kelly Uhariot were also there...but I think this picture was taken before we saw them. It was a blast!

In this picture I am attacking Shannon Wilde with her laptop (this is staged by the way). She was here for a week and a half visiting. She used to live in the ward but she left for the summer before going to Prague.

Kris Swinson, my old room mate and current room mate (aka my short room mate, aka the dwarf, etc.), Lauren, Shannon and I all went to Diego's a Mexican restauraunt. It was fun and you don't get too many pictures of Kris so I thought this one was important. I also got to drive his car for about 10 seconds. It was crazy. Because Kris is a dwarf he has extensions on the peddals and his seat has a HUGE extra cussion on it to boost him forward. I could barely drive it becuase I was so scrunched. It was pretty awesome.

Also, with my calling in the sunday school presidency I have had the opportunity to teach a couple of times and I wanted to share a video I used for class one week. Here it is:

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Manti, The "Jungle", Stadium of Fire, and the Alpine Loop

This is a multi-event update all rolled into on awesome blog post. Just kidding, don't get to excited it probably won't be all that exciting. Brent and I went to the Manti pageant again this year, we went up a little early and went through the Manti La Sal National Forest, which was beautiful. It is amazing how many different landscapes one state can be home to. That was fun, we were joined before the pageant by Brent's brother Eric, his girlfriend Ali, and her friend visiting from Texas, whose name escapes me right now :( Yikes. Anyways... the pageant was good at always and there was quite an interesting protester crowd including the "Jews for Jesus" who told us they had the same beliefs as us, but we were wrong.. yeah.. figure that one out...Anyways, it was a great presentation as usual, and Elder Perry said the opening prayer. For those of you out there who don't know who that is, he is one of our twelve apostles, like in Christ's day and the pageant is about how the Book of Mormon came about and the restoration of our church, and Christ's appearance in the Americas. As for those of you who do know all of that stuff already,it is a fantastic pageant and you should all check it out sometime if you get the chance. Second, the "jungle". Brent's family came to visit this past week on their way back from Yellowstone and Eric insisted he show us this place him and Ali found that they call... the "jungle." I suppose it is because it looks a little bit like the television show LOST, which is obviously a jungle, and it was raining and misty on the first day they came. I will say it is more swampy and wet than the majority of Utah and Utah valley, but still didn't meet the "jungles" of Indiana in my opinion. The mosquitos however thoroughly enjoyed me being there so I had to wear a hoodie in the middle of summer so they couldn't devour my flesh. Third, for the fourth, work was so slow they let me get off early, and I went with two of my roommates to see the fireworks put on by the Stadium of Fire/Freedom Festival at the BYU football stadium. I would have to say I was expecting a little more, but they were pretty good. I got some pretty sweet pictures anyway. It started sprinkling a little during them, and that morning during the most ridiculously crowded parade I've ever sat through it did pour, also adding new meaning to the phrase "It's raining on our parade." The parade was about 2 hours long, complete with giant floating Madeline, Paddington Bear, and a giant Eagle, about 12 high school marching bands, Hawaiian/Tongan Hula dancers and their own Polynesian band, and 3, yes THREE, Bagpipe bands. I didn't even know there were three in the United states... but..alas, they are all in the Utah Valley I guess. Anyways, people were lined up 24 HOURS in advance to mark their spot for the parade which happened to be going by on the main street that I live on, so there were piles of people sitting outside of our complex all night, kind of amusing. Anyways, enough rambling.Pictures included yadda yadda... Oh P.s. I have included some pictures (at the end) of Alpine Loop, which goes through the Provo canyon/Sundance, which is fantastic. There are trees with carvings from the 40s I'm sure from BYU students, and some really cool waterfalls, etc. The day we went it was raining and absolutely stunning. Also you should be able to either single or double click the pictures to see larger versions of them. Not sure which so just mess around with it... :)