Sunday, April 16, 2006

What REALLY happens at the bridal shower?!?!

This is what really happens at bridal showers... Haha... Good times. Lots more people showed up than expected. Katee and I are almost all moved out of DT. It's pretty weird to be getting ready to leave everyone for the summer and go home. I' m going to miss all my friends like crazy. Especially all the boys who are leaving on their missions.. that's no good.. well it is.. but it's pretty dang sad at the same time. Oh well.. what can ya do? life with freshmen.... alright.. here they are... they aren't working right now.. maybe they will have to be put in later..I guess so... look forward to it!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

more pictures!

More practice Katee pictures. Ignore the weird ones...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hi from Dad

Washington lost 7 houses in a big storm. Looked like a small tornado to me.

I hiked a twenty-mile hike --- that was painful, I nearly died.

Had a fun day at the hospital getting my colon scoped. What we older people do for fun! Clean bill of health- sorry, no life insurance to be collected at this time.

One half of my potato crop got frozen. Yes, I know plant on Good Friday next time!

I decided to exercise an American right. I now own a gun, a shotgun to be exact with shotgun shells and deer slugs. I became awfully frightened of the Department of Homeland Security and decided to arm myself. (The terrorists are here and there but the Dept of Homeland Security is everywhere and mostly ineffective pork barrel legislation.-- My personal political view- sorry.) President Benson would be proud and so would George Washington both of whom felt that the right to defend oneself was a God given right. I listened to a talk by President Benson from the sixties. It was very impressive as he warned against the industrial-military-complex and human rights protected by God. It established a very good argument for the existence of God and God's Laws. Brother Baker showed it to us in Scouts. I now feel like a home-grown pioneer. Oh the gun was made in Massachusetts after 1919. It was given to me by my co-worker at work. The price was certainly right. It roars like thunder. I slewed a plastic bag in the back-yard with it.

The grass is growing. Jeff-daddio the plastic-bag slayer.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

General Conference

General conference is this weekend. I missed the Saturday afternoon session but will try to catch it sometime this week since I get credit for watching it in missionary prep. The rest of the sessions have been great. There is a general theme about missionary work and families. Not really surprising I guess. Katee and I watched a bunch of movies yesterday as well. We won't tell you how many... haha.. Oh well. There are less than three full weeks of school left! How exciting! I'm so ready for summer!